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Season Six: Lauren's still gone and the drama continues. The final season of "The Hills" will premiere on April 27th on MTV. Honestly, after Lauren left, the show wasn't what it used to be. Now it seems even more fake and drawn out with dramaless drama (if that is even possible). As much as I loved seeing my richer, spoiled, west-coast bound peers grow up, I'm glad to see the show come to an end - it's been a long time coming. Take a look at the commercial for the final season & the trailer. "The End Begins"...Happy watching!

Video Link

And the extended trailer...

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    I hate spencer

  1. Me too! Well idk about hate but I hate his actions. Some things he does are funny, but he's a little off the rocker. He went IN on Lauren on Twitter for NO REASON!

    This was a much better start to the season than last season. Idk I guess I'll have to get used 2 the fact that lauren isnt there but either way I'm gonna watch it.

    Anyone watched The City? I love Whitney!

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