ToP THIS: Social Etiquette 101

No elbows on the table! Which fork do I use? Don't slouch!Turn off you're phone! How should I wear my hair? What time should I arrive? How do I remember every one's name?!

There are so many rules when it comes to how to act in a social atmosphere. Here are a few that you can use whether

you're in a business setting or at a relaxed social event.

For starters
When you sit at the table at a formal restaurant or banquet, the bread plate is always to the left of your place setting and the glass stays to the top right corner. Place your napkin neatly folded into your lap. When you use your glass or silverware, place it in the original place setting. This keeps the setting nice and tidy. Begin from the outside of your silverware setting and work inwards as the appetizers, soups, salads and so forth arrive. Take smaller bites than you normally would. It is important to either eat or drink at one time, but never do both at once. This keeps you from having a full mouth when a question or statement is directed to you. Always chew with your mouth closed, and please do not talk or laugh through your food. Try not to fidget at the table.

Committing to remember the names of the people at an event is a great attitude to have as you enter an event.
Repetition helps engrave the name in your memory.
-Use the name immediately.
-Repeat it silently to yourself.
-Comment on the name, if possible.
-Use it occasionally in the conversation without overdoing it.
-Use it when leaving.
-Write it down afterwards.

Also associating the name with something else will help commit the name to memory
IE:Dave needs a shave.
Latrice is Patty's niece.
Still need help remembering names?
Click HERE for more advice.

The Staff
Always be polite to the staff and servers, and especially use ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ often for proper social etiquette. Again, this is a relatively easy one. The problem is that people at a dinner setting often forget to acknowledge the servers. Ignoring the servers is not in good manners at all. It shows a certain amount of friendliness and social graces when you look directly at the servers, smile, and thank them for their service.

Letters and thank you notes
If you do not know the sex of the person you are writing do not use Ms., or Mr. Instead, use the full name: Dear Toni Smith. If you do know the gender, remember that woman are always referred to as Ms. It is very important to write a follow up or thank you letter to the host/hostess and in some cases the people you are introduced to, within 48 hours of meeting them. This should be a simple formal note.

Final Quick tips
-Do not fix your hair at the table, if it needs to be fixed, excuse yourself and go to the restroom
- Focus on the host/hostess and not the food.

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