Attention deficit

At the rare event that you were stuck in a comesmic planet where satellite radio or the broadcasting of any music was perished and you have no clue who Wale is, you will find out within the next few sentences. Before today, Wale was just mixtape rapper from Washington, DC trying to make it.

Today, Wale is signed a rising icon (although he [being his humble self] would be probably say that he's still trying to make it), that is signed to Allido Records/Interscope and a part of Jay-Z's "ROC Nation".

"Attention Deficit", his debut album hit stores today and I'm sure that it will be hitting the charts even harder within the next week. At this very moment the sounds of Wale are coming through my computer speakers and I am impressed. Although my full attention (no pun intended) isn't there because I'm writing this, I hear the voice of someone who is hungry and has maneuvered his way into the music industry nicely. If nothing else, his album is very smart.

My favorite tracks you ask...
"90210" - Very stereotypical, but a very good concept.
"World Tour" - This track reminds me of Rekon's Award Tour.
"Pretty Girls"
"Chillin'" ft. Lady Gaga (yea you know this one).
"Mama Told Me"
"Beautiful Bliss" ft. Melanie Fiona & J-Cole...enough said.

Overall I'll give the album a A-. I think Wale did a great job!

Make sure you go cop Wale's "Attention Deficit"! If you already heard it, what do you think of the album? If not, what are you expecting to hear? COMMENT!

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  1. Ja said...:

    Iight good i was hoping that you would review this before i bought it. you see how much your opinion means to me. Good review.


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