eff BLACK Friday

Hello elles & eyes!

I'm sure your tummies are filled and you're ready take the longest nap ever after eating (see urban dictionary for itis)...BUT WAIT, it's Friday! No,
So what does that mean? All it really means is that a bunch of stores will open with a line of people who ate with their families and went directly to your store to camp out like Michael Jackson came back and was giving a free concert. With stores opening as early as 5AM, this day is the day that you can get some of the best deals you've never seen before. Right? Well kind of. Many people wonder why it's called Black Friday and not blue, pink, or green for that matter. Here's THE HISTORY OF BLACK FRIDAY!

Did you go shopping today? What did you get? COMMENT!

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  1. Little Miss Sunshine said...:

    i got maddddddd stuff clothes a camera a laptop for my mother and i was one of those people on line at 2 am lol

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