Rihanna Speaks

Here's an interview with Rihanna and Diane Sawyer on "Good Morning America". This is just a preview of what you can expect to hear from Rihanna's ABC 20/20 Interview tomorrow night at 10pm.

What do you think about the Chris/Rihanna situation in general? I'm interested in hearing your COMMENTS!

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  1. t i f f a n y said...:

    I know that domestic violence is a serious situation, but this Chris Brown/Rihanna business is getting a little tiring to me.

    Earlier today on Twitter Perez Hilton tweeted this: "It boggles my mind that Chris Brown has any fans still, especially female fans. He abused @Rihanna REPEATEDLY. How can women support him?"

    I said this @PerezHilton how do you know rihanna wasn't abusing him? That couldve been the 1st time for him. Double standards man.

    @t3azza said this @PerezHilton b/c he said he was sorry..and I was always thought 2 forgive ppl and move on with life..life is 2 short 2 hold grudges or hate!

    I said this to @t3azza we need a show I wanna speak on behalf of chris. Cuz this is ridiculous. Is she beat him up this wouldn't be an issue @ all

    She said this to me @MissTiffyBaby exactly...damn he mad a mistake.let him breath I pretty sure he perez doesn't think its ok 4 ppl 2 not support cause he's gay. same situation here...ur not supporting or hating sumone 4 sumthing 4 no reason and sumthing that has nothin 2 do with u.

    I'm not advocating for Chris Brown in any way, all I'm stressing is the fact that no one except for Rihanna and Chris know what happened in that car. And no one knows if she was beating him up, or if this was the first time he hit her. We only know what the media is feeding us.

    Lets say she was beating him up and he came to the media or went to the police with it, he wouldn't be taken seriously right?

    These double standards make me mad!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    at the end of the day all anyone can say is that domestic violence is wrong and it shouldn't have happened whether it was the first time or not. The media is crazy and they put out what they know people want to hear. But at the same time people can't expect Chris Brown to be looked at the same way since the incident. Technically you are supposed to forgive not forget.

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