The Little Things We Learn in Life

If you haven't met Tha Lady Blogga (Tamika Frye), then you must not be into the social media scene. She's an entertainment blogger, and has now ventured out to become the author of the three book series entitled, “The Little Things We Learn In Life”. Book one, “Matters of the Heart", takes the reader on a myriad of journeys through various relationships. Relationships that are affected by some of the same things that are dealt with in real life. Mistresses, occupations, Social Networking; but it also gives the other side: Love, Happiness, Togetherness. 

The objective behind the book is to help the reader see beyond their own situation. Reading these stories gives insight, direction and knowledge beyond what might already be known. Aside from entertaining, the stories are gritty, real and some of the readers may closely relate. I personally cannot wait to purchase and read my copy to tell you all about it. You can expect books 2 & 3 “the Grind” and “the Fam” up next, but for now, spread the word that "Matters of the Heart" is currently available for purchase!  Make sure you support and order your copy today. Happy Reading!


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