How Do You Rate on A Date?

I was running through the Metro newspaper on my train ride this morning, and I came across this tidbit about dinner date etiquette. I find it interesting how things such as these natural acts can warrant a "How-to" manual; but then again Barnes and Nobles sells a "..For Dummies" book for just about everything imagineable.

In retrospect when in dire straits, I can see the benefit of dating tips. Consider that crucial moment where you go blank and can't remember to a tee what your plan for success was. There is a "How To" that can help. When was the last time you met that person whom you deemed "The One"; dropped the ball when it came time to go out on a date? If you did, this is for you. Now I can't guarantee that a second chance is in your future, but if it is, TAKE ADVANTAGE! This time around follow the blueprint and you too can be a dinner date success:

1. Never sit next to each other on one side of a table unless you’re being filmed for a reality TV show. Be adults and sit facing each other. The romance of staring into each other’s eyes over a candlelit table should be enough.

2. Guys, don’t order for the woman. She’s an adult: She can make up her own mind and speak for herself.

3. Don’t order “just a salad.” This tells your date you’d rather count calories than embrace the date and all its pleasures, including the gastronomic ones. But don’t order the lobster, unless it’s been clearly established that you’re paying.

4. If you have to use the powder room, just say, “Excuse me, please.” Your date needn’t know specifics.

5. No cell phones at the table, please, even if you’re dining at Denny’s. (Good manners don’t discriminate against even the tackiest of eating establishments.) If you absolutely, positively must take a call, keep your phone on vibrate, but don’t whip it out. Wait for an appropriate pause in conversation to excuse yourself from the table to take the call. However, it had better be an emergency.

6. Don’t start eating until your date has also been served. Don’t touch your silverware until his or her dish has made contact with the table linen. Even if your date insists you go ahead.

7. Discussing the etymology of “The Dirty Sanchez” is unacceptable dinner conversation — save that for the bar.

8. Don’t gesture with your silverware.

9. Do not ask to sample your date’s plate unless he or she offers first. Some people are funny about that. On the other hand, if your date is clearly suffering from entree envy, consider offering a trade.

10. Be courteous to the wait-staff. Never snap, clap, cry “Waiter!” or worse, “Garcon!” Wait until you catch your server’s eye, then nod, smile or subtly raise your hand. If you’re rude to the service industry professionals, it tells your date that you have the potential to be rude to anyone. And finally, if you’re picking up the bill, then tip 20 percent unless you want to look like a cheapskate.

We all know first impressions are lasting, and presentation is paramount. Quality time is like an intereview when courting. Don't kid yourself by assuming that you know everyting about the intricacies of dating. An old dog can learn new tricks; everyday of your life is an opportunity to do better than before. Ever wondered why your love life never improves? The reason is, YOU NEVER IMPROVE. Here's your chance.

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.
Tips are courtesy of MetroNY- March 9th 2011


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