WHM Spotlight: Maudene Nelson

We love everyday heroes don’t we?

In honor of Women’ s History Month, International Women's Day and Nutrition Awareness Month, the next lady in the spotlight is Maudene Nelson. As a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator and Director of Community Outreach at Columbia University’s Institute of Human Nutrition, her expertise has saved the lives of many. Just last November, Nelson was featured in Essence Magazine, giving tips on common mistakes we make in our fridge, and healthier ways to shop for food.

She also takes time to inform others in the community about ways to lose weight and how important it is to be aware of your own bad habits. When she partnered with Sister-to-Sister International Inc., an organization geared toward maintaining the wellness of women of color, she provided several guidelines on how to shed pounds at a health fair.

You know I was going to share:

1. Write Everything You Eat Down.
2 Measure your food: you can use cups and spoons as a reference.
3. Make a calorie goal.
4. 4Plan your meals.
5. Eat you favorite foods: happy eyes = happy stomachs.
6. Get a buddy: share weight loss tips, compete friendly, and encourage one another.
7 Aim for variety: vary your choices, try a different cereal, etc.
8. Make substitutions when possible.
9. Embellish: grated parmesan over your food, a paper umbrella for your drink, etc.
10. Blue Moon Rule: every once in a while, treat yourself.

We are thankful to Maudene Nelson’s many contributions to her community and beyond.

Do you know a female who is a making a difference near you?
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