March On Your Health!

Did you know March is not only dedicated to celebrating women, but also to several causes including education, the kidneys, the eyes, nutrition, and the American Red Cross? Throughout the month, I will take some time to highlight each of them. At the top of the roster:

National Kidney Month
At the age of 14, my cousin’s life changed when she found out she had kidney failure. She had a transplant not too long after. However, the new organ would not be enough to save her, and at 19, she passed away.
My family and I had no real knowledge about the kidneys, or the tremendous affect it has on the body. Had we known her status when she was younger, or that she may be at risk, her life may have been different.

Today, organizations such as the National Kidney Foundation strive to prevent kidney and urinary tract diseases, improve the health of people who have been affected by the disease, and increase the availability of all organs to receive a transplant.

One in nine Americans has chronic kidney disease, and spokespeople for this foundation such as comedian George Lopez, encourage families to educate themselves on kidney health.

Like many organizations, the acclaimed charity also holds a walk to raise funds for research, and also allows you to donate.

Screen check: Are you taking care of your kidneys?
Do you drink plenty of water?
Do you eat little animal protein?
Do you eat plenty of fruits such as cranberries, pomegranates, blackcurrants, and blueberries?
Do you drink pure grape juice or dandelion tea?
Do you eat ginger?

You might want to try to if you answered no to most, or all of these questions.


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