BOSS Ladies Are Too Deep

Our eyes were in attendance at Barnard College this past weekend for an event that was Too Deep. The Barnard Organization of Soul Sisters (BOSS) was founded in 1968. As a student organization dedicated to celebrating black womanhood, they highlight important issues in the Afro-American community at Barnard and Columbia. BOSS also fosters fellowship in the form of sisterhood among women of color.

In the midst of celebrating women,  BOSS had Too Deep give a presentation on racism, sex, sisterhood, and more. Too Deep Entertainment is a multi-cultural performing arts group committed to empowering and educating the community, fostering social change, and positively influencing the knowledge, behaviors and attitudes of its audiences. Their mission is to "educate and empower through entertainment." And they do exactly that wherever they perform.

Learn more about Too Deep Entertainment here

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    sounds cool where is too deep from?

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