K.I.S.S. with the Weight Loss!

Who said weight loss had to be so complicated and so dang-on expensive?!

Here are some small ways to lose weight, and keep money closer to your pocket!

1. Eat more beans- People who eat beans tend to weigh over five pounds lighter than people who skip out on them. They also open the airflow if you know what I mean...hehe.

2. Drink more water-Adding at least four more cups of water can boost your weight loss.

3. Laugh at a Movie - A study has shown that serious movies cause people to snack more often than flicks that make you happy.

4. Leave during the commercials- It may sound crazy but people actually eat less junk food when they avoid commercials because it is not being advertised to them.

Who would have thought?


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Source: realage.com, Pic: shortcutsoffabulous.com
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