"I'm a Cash Cow...

...I'm bout to cash out". Words from Jay-Z over the Grammy family beat for Funk Flex on Hot 97. In this case I would assume that NIKE would be trying to profit off of that fact. The man has made millions off music, clothing, sneakers (remember the S dot Carters); all of which substantiates his hustlers ambition. But this ladies and gentlemen is a stretch. I can admit the sneakers are good money but 5 stacks for em - NOT I. I take issue with things like this: the theory that we as consumers will buy anything peddled to us by "icons", well I am here to stand up for all mankind and say that THIS MUST STOP. Sorry Jay, I ride with you through anything but this is not going down. How about we reconsider and take about $4900 off the tag and bring these back for Christmas. Fourth quarter will be yours homey.

If you're unaware of what's going on with these all black Nikes, Jay-Z has officially blasted Nike’s four day World Basketball Festival off with a bangin’ performance at Radio City Music Hall. He’s also stepping up for charity, with this special pack of five Jay-Z All Black Everything AF1s being auctioned right now on the ebay, with proceeds going to the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation. There’s a shoe for each of the five nations competing in the WBF throw-down, with each shoe featuring a different premium upper. The only other person in the world to own a pair of these black beauties will be Jay-Z himself. BFF! If you've got the pockets you can place your bids here (SF).

See more of the collection here

By: Basquiat

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