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I had a dream last night. I only remember bits & pieces of it, but it inspired this poem. It starts off a little depressing, but there's a good message in it, I promise! I hope it inspires you like it does me. Enjoy!


I woke up this morning and unaware of where I was.
Such a familiar place, but different enough to make me wrinkle my nose.
I tilted my head left.
The television was off.
No music, no news, no Real Housewives of NJ-
Nothing’s on the TV.
I walked to the window where I used to stare out at the people
Each with their own prerogatives, their own wishes and fears
What used to be a lively intersection is today
Simply a road with unoccupied shacks along side it,
Call me a drama queen but I swear I saw tumbleweed having a race down the block.
I walked into the kitchen to an empty pantry and nothing but ice in the freezer.
The living room, unoccupied, uninviting and a waste of space.

I drew a blank when I began to try to fathom what has happened to this place where I’ve existed for almost 21 years.

From lively to alone
Endearing to trapping
And me, the endangered species.
What has came of my life?
Everything I used to know is gone
Everyone I used to love is unfamiliar
Or better yet, nonexistent.
Who has done this?
How could someone be so hateful?
Who could do something so coldhearted as to take away the fibers of my being?
Then at that moment, it came to me - I did it.
I allowed it.

The disappointments of my past entered into my present and they have the ability to ruin my future.
It has made me a prisoner in my own mind, a grey place which once used to be colorful.
A life that used to live which is not on life support.
But how does one believe in the people around them if they know inconsideration?
How does one believe in love when so many have done them wrong?
How does one believe in themselves when their disappointments being them such grief
It’s a never-ending cycle of misfortune that everyone goes through at one point or another
And the easiest thing to do is to drown in your own circumstances

However, I suggest you learn how to swim.

Stay Couture, Aliciia
(Picture from gcmanfrin.com)

"Spread the love and live your life; while seeking to inspire and be inspired."
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  1. Casnova King said...:

    mhm roll with them punches girl

  1. Lew Static said...:

    Cuzzo i swear this is exactly what im going thru ...deep stuff

  1. Ramone Davis said...:

    ::deep breathe:: thank you

  1. Basquiat said...:

    Thats deep right there..I cant even front u got a way with words, dont let the water run dry

  1. Jana Fears said...:

    Simply Amazing! That was great!

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