The Dropping of a Jewel

(AllHipHop News) Compton, California rap star Game took offense to Miami rapper Rick Ross' song "B.M.F. (Blowin Money Fast)" in the latest issue of Complex Magazine. In the interview, Game seems to take offense to Rick Ross' glamorization of Black Mafia Family gang leader Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory and Gangster Disciples' founder, Larry Hoover. While Game rarely hides his own affiliation with The Bloods street gang, he stated that he didn't want to lead his fans in the wrong direction. "All these people thinking they're gangsta. And after the Rick Ross song B.M.F. everybody thinking they're Big Meech again, Larry Hoover. Nobody really should wanna be that or aspire to be that 'cause you're gonna end up in a coffin," Game told Complex. "And trust me man, most of these rappers outside of me, 50 Cent and maybe Waka Flocka and a few others, have never felt bullets man, ain't never had a brush with actually having your life erased. So a lot of these rappers out here playing. That's just not the message I'm trying to send across no more."

I had to take a minute to take my hat off to the Game for dropping these words of wisdom, and I encourage anyone who shares his sentiments to let themselves be heard as well. I fully believe that there are better things to do then idolize or try to emulate doom. There is no future of believing that you can re-enact what Big Meech or Larry Hoover have been able to do with their lives.
Anyone I have ever met who has took a stab at trying has failed, and with that failure came the realization that it is senseless to try and persuade others to follow. A brush with death is a serious and eye-opening experience. Take it from me personally, and if by chance you won't take these words as fact, ask around and I'm sure you will come across someone wise enough to tell you the truth. There's an old saying that "everyone cannot dance to every song." With that being said, don't go trying to be something you are not. "We Can" is what the leader says, and you should follow; and not in the footsteps of those who may never see daylight again.

"These words are a chance to be remembered and reprised" - Basquiat

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