Poem: Crush on a Musician

It's self explanatory. Enjoy & Comment!

He writes.
He writes and he writes and he speaks into the microphone,
Allowing the emotions of his soul to be poured onto the stage filling it to capacity.
My body weakens when I see him doing his thing.
Not because of the fame…
But because of the passion in his eyes when he sees the crowd singing the words to his song.
He didn’t know they knew them the rhymes but they do.

At night he sits home and reminisces on the performance he just gave.
Amazed at himself with how far he’s come

He’s afraid to never feel that feeling again so the ambition swells a hole in his mind
Allowing for the creativity to flow through it freely.
This keeps success on the table and hits in his rhyme book.

I look at him in amazement
Because he does what he does and he does it better then most.
He chases success like it’s a presidential election and he’s got my vote.
I’m more than a fan, I’m honestly inspired by him-
His ambition is crazy and his talent unmatched by most.
And if ever he needs someone to help him do a sound check,
I’ll be there.

"Spread the love and live your life, while seeking to inspire and be inspired."
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  1. I love musicians and just creative being in general; especially drummmers.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Nice one Alicia

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