Black August

Every month has its significance. In January, a new year begins. February is Black History Month, October, is the National month for Lupus awareness, and the list goes on and on. The same goes for August. The Black August tradition was established during the 1970s. It started in the California prison system by men and women of the Black/New Afrikan Liberation Movement. This was done as a means of acknowledging and studying the legacy of Afrikan resistance in the Americas, and honoring fallen freedom fighters like George and Jonathan Jackson, Khatari Gaulden, James McClain, Williams Christmas and Fred Hampton.

Black August promotes a "non-sectarian mass based" resistance culture inside and outside the prison walls across the United States. The brothers who participated in the collective founding of Black August wore black arm bands on their left arm and studied revolutionary works, focusing on the works of George Jackson. The brothers did not listen to the radio or watch television in August. Additionally, they didn't eat or drink anything from sun-up to sundown; and loud and boastful behavior was not allowed. The brothers did not support the prison's canteen. The use of drugs and alcoholic beverages was prohibited and the brothers held daily exercises, because during Black August, emphasis is placed on sacrifice, fortitude and discipline. Black August is still a time to embrace the principles of 1) unity; 2) self-sacrifice; 3) political education; 4) physical training; and 5) resistance.
Traditionally, Black August is a time to study history, particularly our history in the North American Empire. The first Afrikans were brought to Jamestown as slaves in August of 1619, so August is a month during which Blacks can reflect on our current situation and our self-determining rights.

August 1619 - Arrival of first African slaves in 13 colonies
August 21, 1791 - Haiti slave uprising for independence
August 30, 1800 - Gabriel Prosser's slave revolt discovered
August 21, 1831 - Nat Turner's slave rebellion
August 1850 - Underground Railroad
August 17, 1887 - Birth of Marcus Garvey
August 24, 1943 - Birth of Russell "Maroon" Shoatz
August 30, 1948 - Birth of Fred Hampton
August 8, 1949 - Birth of Dr. Mutulu Shakur
August 1963 - March on Washington
August 1965 - Watts Rebellion
August 25, 1967 - FBI circulates internal order to "disrupt" Black
Liberation groups
August 7, 1970 - Courthouse Slave Rebellion
August 18, 1971 - Capital of Republic of New Afrika attacked by FBI and
August 21, 1971 - Assasination of George Jackson
August 28, 1971 - Jalil Muntaqim and Nuh Washington captured
August 8, 1978 - Police raid on MOVE
August 17, 1995 - Mumia scheduled for execution; stopped by resistance

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