My Life: As I Am

The Home Shopping Network has met its fastest seller and most popular to date, Mary J. Blige. Congrats are in order this past weekend after Mary debuted her fragrance My Life on HSN; selling 50,000 bottles. In all she grossed $2.7 million, $1 of which from each bottle sold was donated to her foundation - FFAWN (Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now).

This is big business. Doesn't it feel good to see our own do good? Especially when you've seemingly been along for the entire ride. We've seen her ups, we've seen her downs, we've seen her perseverance and redemption. Although the majority of her music was aimed at the upliftment of the female gender, I know art when I hear it and jewels when they're dropped. I am a Mary fan, and have no shame standing up for it. This woman has given us good music while letting us share - Her Life.

- Basquiat

"Spread the love and live your life; while seeking to inspire and be inspired."
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    Go MJB!

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