eyeApplaud: Usher's New Look

Much is made of the glitz and glamour that comes with celebrities, but there is a greater element than that which does not get publicized enough; the charitable deeds. So many of the fortunate do things for the less fortunate. I think the greatest attribute of a person is their caregiving. It's a duty of ours regardless of to what capacity you can accomplish.

With that being said, a big shout goes out to Usher; who was recently in Atlanta mentoring kids at Powered by Service day. He spoke on the importance of ambition and goal setting (reaching for the stars as some of us call it), and the desire to own instead of lease, or be leased. It can never be preached enough the importance of entrepreneurial objectives. That's what the world is about - ownership.
I won't get into the capitalistic ideals but, I just wanna impart on you that longevity comes from that exact foundation.

Ushers NEW LOOK Foundation is a proponent of those principles: A non-profit organization that encourages youth around the country to become corporate and community leaders.

You can hear more from Usher himself on his plight, and direction with the NEW LOOK Foundation in the interview he did with Good Day Atlanta:

- Basquiat

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