eyeInspire: Choose Dare

You have yet lived if you haven't played the classic game Truth or Dare. This game has gotten some into trouble, secrets revealed, and consequences for refusal to give in to peer pressure. Today, let's take this game and analyze the deeper meaning behind the choices we're given. You choose truth - you can be honest, but still have the opportunity to lie. You choose dare - you put your faith at jeopardy, BUT you still have the will to say no and take the consequence.

My message to you today is to CHOOSE DARE! Why? It's not a question of "Why", but more so, "Why not?" Sometimes we need to take a risk. A leap of faith is needed sometimes for us to realize that there are no boundaries to what we can do. If you live life afraid to step outside of the box, or to explore the world outside of your boundaries, you're really sheltering yourself from experience, knowledge and creativity. Why live inside of a box when there's so much room on the outside? It's a given that we'll sometimes be afraid and hesitant to take a chance on life, but then we risk the lesson and blessing behind it.

As in the game, we'll be faced with things that lead us into temptation, these aren't the things you should dare to do. Use your judgement and will wisely.
Remember, just like in the game, there are always consequences. If you don't dare to be whatever it is, or dare to do whatever there is to do, you'll have to live with the "what ifs". Today, DARE to be different. DARE to call that person and ask them out on a date. DARE to voice your opinion. DARE to go against the grain. DARE to stand up for what you believe in. DARE to face that problem that you were told you could never solve. eyeDare you...

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Loving this! You always write the things I neeed to hear! Love you Tiffy

  1. Anonymous said...:

    So inpirational. Thank you

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