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"They keep saying 'Whale', and my name's Wale". If you haven't gotten the name right by now, you should have; perhaps you missed that memo. If in fact you did, you don't miss this one - the new mixtape - More About Nothing. Mr. D.C. himself, Allido (Mark Ronson's label) signed, Interscope backed, and Roc Nation certified, and the one who last brought us "Pretty Girls"

is back! This time he's bringing us the follow up to is debut self-titled album, Wale gives us the mixtape, More About Nothing.

It was definitely worth the wait and listen. Featuring contributors like Wiz Khalifa, Wacka Flocka, Avery Storm, and backed with beats by Bassheads, Cool & Dre, and Best Kept Secret - the mixtape is elleELLEeye approved!


- Basquiat

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