eyeAsk: How Do You Define Change?

[[to become different, to become altered or modified, the substitution of one thing for another, to transform or convert, a balance of money that is returned when the sum tendered in payment is larger than the sum due, to give and take reciprocally]]


I hear it often, that the only thing that is constant is change. It's true. Things are constantly changing; the way we sleep, the way we treat others, the things we believe in, the questions we ask, the answers we receive...nothing on this earth is the same everyday.

"People change, it's inevitable. Whether they're changing for better or worse is not for you to decide. Change is growth." Words said by yours truly and although it was a random thought, it provoked a thought from one of our followers on Twitter: "...Or the reverse of growth. I may grow from it, but what about the one who choose to make it a bad situation?" - @NixonNyce

Is there a reverse? Even if you change and regress into your old ways, your situation will still be different due to what you have learned from your previous encounters. You may get into a bad situation, but you'll learn from it and grow. There are so many different directions you can take on this topic, but one that stuck with me most was from Lauryn Hill on her MTV Unplugged 2.0 CD:

"And as I grow, you’re going to meet me a little bit more. You’re gonna be exposed to the real me a little bit more. I can tell you I had to reintroduce myself to everybody I know. My mother my father. Listen, y’all never knew me. I want to introduce you to me. I’m just getting to know me. And you know what, anything that’s not growing is dead, so we better be changing. You know, people would say to me, they would hold me hostage. And they, seriously, emotionally hostage, and they’d say, Uh, she’s changing. The money’s changing her. And I’d say Listen, the money’s not changing me, God’s changing me. I’m changing, because that’s a natural part of life. We’re all supposed to change. Who wakes up and is the same way tomorrow and the day after that? Nobody is. Let the experience teach you and be real, man. And, um..there’s gonna be warfare involved. Because there’s some people who prefer deceptions, see…"- Lauryn Hill

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    I feel that change is needed in all walks of life. Like Miss Hill said if youre not changing you may as well be dead

  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    Change is great and i think you should only change for you and never to please any one else. If your unhappy with yourself then that is the only reason why you should change.

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