JuNK FOOD: Ryan's Amazon Woman

Does height matter? Beauty is more than in the eye of the beholder. My grandma used to always say, "There's somebody for everybody." And Nicole Trunfio, girlfriend to singer Ryan Leslie, can be for a lot of guys. Who wants to argue with that? If you do, I think my insurance plan can cover our trip to the optics so you can get checked out. Okay, stop drooling and admit it.

There have been a couple wise cracks about Nicole's height, but last time I checked, that didn't matter at all. Dudes often say that they want to date a model, well how tall are they expecting them to be? There are standards with that come along with this. Personally I love a female with some height on her. It's not a prerequisite or anything, so let's not discriminate...That's so 90s. Worst case scenario only hang out when she has on flats. From good music to beautiful women, I guess he knows like Bo. Food for thought, you do the dishes.

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  1. Reg said...:

    I personally wouldn't date a woman taller than me. Not my style

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