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There's a saying that says "A tree grows in Brooklyn". In so many instances this saying is true, but none more so than the one at hand. As a singer, songwriter, artist, friend, sister, Christian and person, one would believe that there is room for error; or lack of concentration with so many hats to be worn. On the contrary, her embrace of innate qualities coupled with her grandmother's inspiration, and support of family and loved ones is her motivation, her drive. Hardworking and honest, down-to-earth and ambitious, are some of the best served adjectives for this up and coming artist. Even then, these words may act as an understatement because as reality stands, she is here. Wait no longer. Brought to you by Distinguished Men Entertainment Group by way of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, elleELLEeye presents, London.

elleELLEeye: In terms of a stage name, why "London"?
London: I was supposed to visit London and I was so anxious and excited about it that I changed my twitter name to "NextStop_London". From there people began saying "Hello London" numerous times, and it was frustrating to tell each and every one of them "Hey, but my name isn't London, its Tara.” so I just went along with it. A close friend told me the name was actually cool so I stuck with it.

elleELLEeye: If you had to describe your background in 100 words or less what would it be?
London: I grew up in a rough neighborhood where I was forced into maturity. I wasn't the kind of girl who always asked for anything I wanted because being 1 of 8 children; I knew I wouldn't get it. Nevertheless, I stayed in my books and blossomed into a beautiful young woman. The end.

elleELLEeye: What were some of the pros and cons of growing up in such a big family?
London: Cons: A lot of disagreements and no privacy.
Pros: Big events, memories, laughter and you always have someone to talk to.

elleELLEeye: What inspires you to sing?
London: I always loved singing. I grew up in church where I HAD to be EVERY Sunday, under the influence of my grandmother. I really didn't mind because I knew I would be singing. I had that drive and ambition since I was a young girl until now.

elleELLEeye: You started singing in church, any aspirations of getting back to those roots?
London: Church would always remain in me. I would like to recite a verse that says "Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of the prophecy, and keep the things that are written therein: for the time is at hand." - Revelation 1:3.

elleELLEeye: What are some of your jazz influences?
London: To be honest, I have to look into that. I'm an R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop type of girl.

elleELLEeye: Who is the influential person in your life when it comes to music?
London: Myself. Before it was celebrities, but as I got older I realized it was my determination, my voice, my swag, my family, my style, my songwriting that influenced me. I consider myself my own Influence.

elleELLEeye: Is there an artist that you would want to shape your career after?
London: Not necessarily, because everyone has their own goals. It’s about setting that goal and achieving it and some much more. Artists like Whitney, Brandy, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and Aretha Franklin, just to name a few, are great role models to me. They each set different paths so choosing one would be hard.

elleELLEeye: What makes you love music?
London: The fact that it allows you to become open, opinionated, brave, indifferent. It brings forth so many hidden characteristics and you’re just like "Wow". It’s amazing.

elleELLEeye: Besides music, what are some things you can't live without?
London: My phone (laughs). Seriously, I'm pretty sure I'm FAR from the only one who would say that. Everything is in it, even my songs! It’s a MUST HAVE! Of course my Family because they are my Life and last but not least, God. Without him NOTHING is possible! NOTHING!

elleELLEeye: What do you think is missing in R&B today, and what’s your strategy to fill that void?
London: R&B is missing that old vibe. You could listen to R&B and clearly understand what the artist is portraying. Now you probably would have to listen more than twice to understand; which isn’t a problem, but clearly shows that a lot of people don't have an ear for it anymore. I love slow songs. They are often easy to learn and understand so that's my writing technique even though I can expand. I just want to bring that old "Brandy and Monica" type feel back. The type of songs as soon as the beat drop you’re already in tears.

elleELLEeye: Are you signed to a label?
London: I work with a company named "Distinguished Men Entertainment Group", but I haven't officially signed any contract. They are great people to work with and I'm honored to be a part of their family.

elleELLEeye: Is it important to you that you write your own music? If so, why?
London: You can express your feelings. You can say all the things you wanted to say, and didn't know how to.
The world is waiting to hear your story and only you can tell it.
elleELLEeye: There's a cliché that says, “You're only one hit away.” Many people have achieved that one hit, and their careers, in some cases, have been just that. Why should we count on you to stick around?
London: My destination has no end. People who are often "One hit wonders" are people without a plan or destiny. Legends don't stop and that's what I want to be.

elleELLEeye: What would be London's dream come true?
London: To be Legendary. Period.

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    Wishing her the best. She did her thing on that ciara joint

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    Amazing! Who needs an interview with beyonce? Y'all are so inspiring.

  1. Thank you. And I would love to interview Beyoncé. Without my questions being monitored

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    solid interview. she has a good voice. i hope it works out for her

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