Minor Setback, Major Comeback

In a recent freestyle, Jadakiss spit a slick line that stated "Jacob's out of jail so I guess I'll spend a couple hundred with him." What's even slicker is the chain and ring that Kanye West showed up with at the 2010 BET Awards. Price tag: a measly $300,000 [insert Kanye shrug here]. How's that for a comeback? "I heard you've been looking for me." is something that I could imagine Yeezy saying to himself while walking onto the stage, or climbing that mountain on his way to perform "Power".

Not only was the jewelry mean, but the symbolism was terrific! The piece was a depiction of the Egyptian God, Horus, who was the god of war, god of protection, and the god of the sky. Let's not forget Kanye's run from about circa two years ago when he was the person to call when you wanted a hit, and certainly still is.

Kanye is a certified Platinum, out the gate artist, and a genius to say the least. His limits are undiscovered. Therefore, the sky cannot even act as a ceiling. War will be waged on the industry once he drops again, so have fun while there still is some - rappers. Good A** Job will be here soon.

Are you anticipating Mr. West's upcoming project?

"These words are a chance to be remembered and reprised." - Basquiat

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  1. Ryan said...:

    Idk theres something about rappers spending so much money on chains that gets to me. but i am amped about his album. i just want the music the chains dont matter!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    wow 300 stacks for that? crazy

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