eyePod: The Come Up Edition

Whoever your favorite artist is, one thing is certain, they all had to go through something to get where they are now. This period is usually referred to as, "The Come Up". For some it happens slowly, but surely; while others' career take off faster and out of nowhere, they blow up. On our eyePod below you'll find music from some artists who are on their grind making music and will be big names in the industry if they keep it up. Take a listen to our playlist for today, "The Come Up Volume 1"; featuring Ayindé, Kemizt, Oxymorrons, Young Roc, Eric Sosa, A Lost People, Young Flame and Indigo. Leave your thoughts in a comment. Happy Listening!

Tracklist: 1. ReKon (Ayindé & Kemizt) - Grits 2. Young Roc - Unbelievers 3. Young Simmons - Ride Like My Car 4. Oxymorrons - Fur in My Cap 5. A Lost People ft. Ayindigo - Drunk Off of Your Touch 6. Eric Sosa - Summer Love 7. Young Flame - Espace to Happiness

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  1. Reg said...:

    cant front all the tracks are flavas

  1. Anonymous said...:

    That grtis joint go hard

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