The Sweetest Tooth

I have a confession.
Long sigh…

I think I have an addiction to sweets.

Yes, it is true. And I'm not just talking a sweet tooth here. I'm talking MAJOR sugar rush on dial at least once a day. Well, I might not be as addicted as other people you know; BUT I do know that too many sweets are NOT GOOD FOR YOU.

I think everyone knows this, even if the body needs a certain amount of sugar to survive.

In any case, if I plan on having teeth by the age of 60, I have to start turning to alternatives. I did some research, and I have to share. Here are some ways to counter that sweet tooth with a few foods that are a bit healthier.

This whole time I am thinking ice cream is a great source of calcium only to find that it clogs your arteries and causes high cholesterol. Yuck! However, tofu ice cream is low in fat, helps prevent type II diabetes, several types of cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease.

If you ever got a stomachache, your mom probably gave you some ginger ale. The stomach-pleaser helps to reduce indigestion, heart burn, and thins blot clots as well.

It doesn’t just save your mouth from killing someone with your bad breath. This candy serves as a gas reliever that helps to reduce feelings of nausea, fever, headaches, stomach and respiratory problems.

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Hope these help my fellow sugar lovers!


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