eyeInspire: Get Bumped & Bruised

"But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds..." - Jeremiah 30:17

Many of us grow up with the leisure of having a parent, guardian, or family member act as a crutch to protect us. Do you remember the times when you played outside, tripped and fell? Who was the first person to rush to your aid to make sure you were okay? Maybe an older brother or sister, or mom or dad, right?

Now go back to the first day you tried to ride a bicycle without the training wheels. You remember saying "Don't let go", and as much as you trusted in the person teaching you, they said "I won't", and did it any way. You tried to maintain your balance, but tipped over and fell, scraped your elbow and knee and cried. You were mad at the fact that they let go, but you let them clean you up and put a bandage on the cut. You put your trust in them. Why is that? Whatever it was or is, you need to have that same trust in the Lord.

Many times it becomes easy for us to get mad at God because we wonder why He lets us get hurt. One thing we must realize is that God is the Alpha and the Omega. He's a protector, a teacher, and any and everything in between. So it's not that He is letting us get hurt with the intentions of not healing us; He's teaching us a lesson.
God allows us to get hurt so that He can heal us. Once we're healed, a scar remains for the remembrance of the lesson learned from that experience. If things aren't right in our lives God will always be there to patch them up. We must be accepting of His treatment and know that some cuts and bruises are deeper than others and all won't heal at once.

Today, ask God to heal you of the bruises you may have attained from a relationship that hurt you. Ask God for His remedy for a broken spirit. No one is perfect and everyone needs to get bumped and bruised in order to receive a healing from God. Be healed by The Word and apply this to your life.

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    The hardest part about this is accepting the fact that we'll be healed. When I get hurt I kind of blame God because I know he knew it would happen do its hard

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