eyeAsk: To Love or Not to Love, THAT is the Question

Relationships. Commitment. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Wife. Husband. Lover. Friend. Romance. Passion. Sex. Loyalty. All of these things come to mind when we hear one word, LOVE. The word love means so many different things to so many different people. However, I think we can all agree that love can be a complex thing. Whenever you enter a relationship, you're taking a calculated risk while hoping that your math is correct. These are the types of things that I think about when it comes to that little four letter word. So as I ponder this in my head one day, I began to wonder why people even bother to fall in love at all. For that reason, I decided to ask this question to a few of the people that I know -

"Love is such a crazy thing. It can be beautiful but it can also end up horribly. So why love? Is there a point? Should everyone be open to being in love or should there be a proceed-with-caution sign up?"

How did they respond? Here's some of their answers...

Gavin J. said:
Everyone is different and has gone through their own experience with love. To this day, I ask myself the same question but I "proceed-with-caution" to avoid that horrible ending. No one wants that but people ultimately seek that beautiful/blissful side of it. You kind of have to be open about being in love but be cautious at the same time.

Samantha P. said:

Proceed with caution when getting to know the person, but don't proceed with caution when it comes to love. Most of the time people are rushing into love like it is a game, so they never really know the person before they fall in love (then again that isn't real love). I say Proceed with caution on who you let get close but if you trust them enough to let them get close to you, then you should love freely. Life is made up of a series of experiences and your life is shaped how it is shaped because of them. I think you have to love the wrong person and go through the bad in order to appreciate when you receive the good.

Gregory H. said:

Love is wreckless whether you proceed with caution or not. True love has the power to make you the happiest man on earth or the saddest man who ever lived. Love knows kindness and it knows weakness. You can never show your weakness to it, and if you do they it'll no longer be kind. Love knows how to take advantage- It's selfish in the sense that it only wants the best of you and if you can't give it just that then it doesn't want anything to do with you. The truer the love, the more it will hurt if the two people split. To "proceed with caution" is just taking a baby step towards the fire but it doesn't matter if you take a baby step, or a full stride, in the end. If its TRUE LOVE then it will set your mind, body and soul on fire when it all ends.

The best Creative Director ever, DANiE said:

It's hard to say. I would say "proceed with caution" because who wants to have a broken heart, but love is true when it's wholehearted so my answer is yes, "proceed with caution" but you can't be too cautious for too long.

The President of this lovely blog, ♥t i f f a n y said:

I feel that love is a wonderful thing. Whether you love your friends or are in love, I think that everyone should be open to receiving it. It's inevitable for some to be skeptical about it, especially if they've been hurt before, but I feel that love is always worth the risk. One thing I will say, is to fall in love with God first and then fall in love with yourself. After that loving others and deciding who you allow in your life on that type of level is the easy part. I'm all for love.

What's my opinion you ask? That's simple. Lord Alfred Tennyson said it best when he said "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

What's your opinion? We would love to hear it!

Stay Couture, Aliciia

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  1. GregsterR* said...:

    good job Ali :)
    you already kno my sentiments.. but i do agree w/ how u feel too! but after experiencing it. ima take a seat and have some fun. I'll step up to the plate after I graduate lol

  1. I love everyone's response, especially Samantha's. Love is different for everyone, but I think we can take notes everything everyone said here.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Love is a beautiful life experience.

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