Eye Can’t BEElieve Them: Shirley Sherrod

Okay people, I know you have probably heard her story. But for those who don’t know the buzz around Shirley Sherrod, you might want to pay attention.

The former director for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development in Georgia was forced to resign after a video was placed on Andrew Brietbart’s BigGovernment.com website.

The conservative posted the video showing Sherrod making “racist” comments regarding a white farmer that requested her assistance almost 20 years ago while she was working at a private advocacy firm.

The problem: the video was heavily edited.

In the post, she discusses how a farmer named Roger Spooner went to her because his land was being sold, and he had no means to regain control of it. Sherrod acknowledged that at first, he came off like he thought he was superior to her. She knew he was not going to receive support from other Black farmers, and she did not know if she had the power to do anything to help him. So, she thought it would be best to take him to a lawyer who looked like him if he wanted immediate help.

When the NAACP reposted the entire video, Sherrod is shown making comments that ‘poverty, not race, is a crucial component in rural development’, and that she learned from the experience. In fact, the farmer insisted on CNN that she tried to help him the best way that she could, and get this: THEY ARE FRIENDS UNTIL THIS DAY & THE FARMER DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHERE THE CONTROVERSY CAME FROM.

Although the Obama administration fired her, they issued an apology and offered her job back in the department. She has not accepted thus far.

If you ask me, it was a mere set up to prove that racism can exist against whites. Instead, they made yet another innocent African-American a scapegoat to ignite unnecessary political RACIST drama.



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Sources: Yahoo!, CNN.com, Youtube, Fox News


  1. Anonymous said...:

    wow racism at it's best

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Racism in this country will be everlasting. Its such a shame that we have come so long but still have people that cant look past color. Low lives!

  1. Kaytee said...:

    I didnt know about this. thats craazy. The man always tries to keep us down one way or another.

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