eyePod: "Day by Day" + "The Vigil"

Happy Monday! If you're in tune with what's going on in the world of Media, then you must know that Mondays are signature for the world to express their favorite tunes and recommend songs to others via Twitter's #MM (Music Monday) trending topic! So we have some new music for you from a couple of up & coming producers/rappers, Iye-D & Slimbtz Da King of TenStars Entertainment, and Kemizt, who released his mixtape this past weekend called The Vigil. Happy listening!

From TenStars Entertainment check out "Day by Day" by artist Iye-D. You may remember his single I'm Drunk...but if not, check it out here. "Day by Day" is the official second single from the fourthcoming album Identity Krises. Happy Listening!

Want this track on your iTunes playlist? Sorry, the digital download won't be available until Friday, March 19th. But feel free as much as you want right here on elleELLEeye!

Right here we have a mixtape by artist, Kemizt. If you're looking to hear the corny tracks/mixtapes that everyone's trying to do these days...you won't find it here. This is that real Hip-Hop, so Downloaders Beware! Need a preview, check out one of my personal favorites "You" featuring Grafh. Happy Listening!


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