Battle of the Sexy

Raymond vs. Trey

After the R&B veteran, Usher, released Confessions, I'm pretty sure we didn't think another R&B sensation would hit the scene and do it like he did...and then there was Trey. With his passionate voice and sexy songs, Trey Songz has the ladies in awe over hits like "Panty Droppa", "Neighbors Know My Name" and "Say Ahh".

But Usher is back with Raymond vs. Raymond; which may be suggesting that any name other than that is competition. But no matter who the artist is, for them to be successful, they must have that "it" factor. There are no limits on what that "it" can be, but one thing is clear, and that is that both Usher & Trey have "it"!

So ladies...the question is:

FYeye: Usher an R&B vet has dropped a hit after hit from his new album Raymond vs. Raymond in stores now! Here's Trey or Trigga covering the the May 2010 issue of VIBE magazine and his album Ready is in stores as well.

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