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It's been a long time coming, and Ayindé has had fans on their toes waiting for the release of his first solo mixtape, "No Slices." Featured on Good Music All Day, TruStatement.com, and elleELLEeye.blogspot.com, Ayindé has proven that he is more than just a rapper, he's a true artist; and anyone that knows Ayindé personally, or just lyrically will say the same and be extremely impressed with this mixtape. From "The Procession" to the "Outro", it was hard not to be overwhelmed with excitement and pride hearing where Ayindé's work has brought him thus far, and will take him in the future.

The mixtape title track, "No Slices", produced by Ayindé himself, is a great listen. From the lyrics and metaphors, to instrumentation and vocals, the sound on this track is refreshing. "Gone" is another great song, produced by Johnny Juliano. The chorus, "They ask me where I'm going, said I'm headed to the top.
I'm never looking back, and no, I'm never gonna stop. And baby I'm gone and I'm gone and I'm gone..." is something you would hear on your local Hip-Hop radio station on heavy rotation. "Gone" gives you a glimpse of where Ayindé is headed in this industry, especially as he identifies with some of Hip-Hop's heavyweights as he so cleverly states, "They say I'm kinda like J. Cole with a little Drake, and maybe Kanyeezy. Sprinkle a little Phonte, then maybe you got me." I'm sure if he stays on the path that he is on both musically and mentally, he will be an artist that others compare themselves to in the near future. Another track that anyone would enjoy merges Ayindé and his rapper friend Indigo, of the group M.A.E., giving you "Ayindigo". Both Ayindé and Indigo have tight flows that make this song a good feel, party up track. It's short, sweet and straight to the point! "Do It", is very reminiscent of the sound that you would hear if you knew Ayindé back when he was spittin' as a member of Rekon. A very laid back flow, accompanied by tight lyrics.

The balance on the mixtape is great. Ayindé covered all bases musically and he definitely showed all sides of Ayindé. From the Hip-Hop fan, the Christian, the artist, and the singer? "Praise/Love" interlude gives you the vocals and harmonization, not to mention the crazy twist the beat takes at the break. Any female's heart would melt after hearing it, and they would fall in love while listening to "Love Love". "Relax Your Mind" has great potential to be a Hip-Hop classic. Why? One - because it's one of the most chill tracks on the record and two, because Kemizt (of Rekon) is featured. "Napkins Please" was a great finish to the mixtape and Ayindé went as in as in could go. He put a savvy spin on his metaphors as he managed to give shout outs to those who helped him along the way on this project. A round of applause goes out to everyone who was a part of the project as far as producing, mixing, engineering and features go. Looking forward to hearing more from Ayindé!

You can start banking on the name now, because sooner than later, Ayindé will be a commodity. The world needs to hear more. And he will leave "No Slices."

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  1. bryan anglin said...:

    intro - cool name, i like the artist concept
    no slices- dope wordplay, flow, mellow, nice samplin
    gone - cool

    shhh - favorite, old school hip hop , dope production, dope hook i like the(ooh ooh)

    i get it in - cool
    always and forever - nice singin , solid song

    ayingdigo - dope

    round - dope hook, love the beat, good story concept, jcolesque

    do it - alotta good bars, punchlines

    Praise love - dope , drake-like from so far gone mixtape

    love love - dope for the ladies

    thats real- dope

    options - favorite , love da hook and beat, and nice verses

    never be - crazy lyricism on second verse

    relax your mind - dope, chill track

    napkins please - nice quick track, like dat guitar
    cool outro
    breasteses - another favorite , cuz imma breast man myself, i think one of the adlibs was "titties" in the chorus u can hear in the left
    pan , made me lol.

    started - dope flows

    overall classic, good mixing ,everybody did a good job wit flows and lyrically, and nice beat selection. some tracks sound just like j
    cole, especially "round", sound like somethin from the warm up mixtape, which
    isnt a bad thing, jcole one of my favorite rappers. stay on ya grind.

  1. Mike said...:

    I think "No Slices" was sample free. Definitely a dope track if it was

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Ayinde. Are you single?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    No Slices the track was sample free

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