effFRESH or effFLOP: "iT'S OVER"

With all the buzz he's received since the release of his last mixtape "So Far Gone", you would think that Drake's fame would get old, real fast. However that hasn't been the case as Drake's been featuring on records with Timberland, Baby and his Young Money family.

Check out the official first single from Drake, "It's Over". Happy listening!

In other music news, check out DJ Drama & Fabolous's new mixtape "There is No Competition 2".

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    For his first single its aight. I heard him come harder before

  1. Anonymous said...:

    geese...this kid drake stay puttin me too sleep!!

    this is a weak ass first single...even ZONE is betr than this crap!

  1. Anthony said...:

    its alright, the 1st one was better, but its good ofr the time being

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