Graduating Nails

A Twist on the Ombre or Gradation Manicure

Have you seen the ombre manicure that was featured in InStyle Magazine? Well there are many ways that you can play with your nails, but this one seems like it's a keeper. I've grown an obsession with having my nails painted all of the time despite my retail job having them looked chewed up within 48 hours. So here's a new and cool way to do your nails with graduating colors!

The idea here is to custom blend varying shades of the same color, working across your hand from lightest to darkest. However this is a different route than the method suggested by InStyle. Rather than combine pure white polish into a dark lacquer, having to create 4 separate mixes, you can chose a light green and a dark green with similar color traits and blended them to create the mid-tone hues.

Products and Tools:
*Two polishes/Nail Lacquer of the same color family (the lightest & darkest)

*Disposable bowls to mix shades
*Toothpicks (for mixing)

*Clean nail polish brush.

*Have your nails prepped with base coat applied before beginning.
*Apply the polish as soon as it is mixed. Exposure to air will cause it to thicken quickly and dry shortly after.
*Mix the lightest color first and apply immediately before moving on.
*Clean your brush with remover between colors to avoid streaks from previously mixed polishes.
*Regarding my formulas below, I remove the brush from the bottle without wiping it against the sides and the amount that drips off equals one drop.

Note: Because this is a demo there are only mixed colors for the middle and ring fingers (the thumb is left out). You will want to mix three shades for a full manicure.

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  1. DANiE said...:

    This is by far one of the coolest things I've seen! Im a little confused by the directions, but its worth a try

  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    Too cute!

  1. DANiE said...:

    Ok so I just did my nails cuz I was a bit excited about this post

    I didnt have a tooth pick so i used a bobby pin
    I didnt have a bowl so I used a plastic baggie
    and the two nail polishes I used were a very dark color and white

    I found that what worked for me was starting with the DARKEST color 1st and then adding white nail polish to make it lighter

    needless to say my nails look supercute

    Thanks ♥ t i f f a n y!

  1. Cali Girl said...:

    gotta do this its great. shoutz to my girl fash!on!sta for putting me on :-DD

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