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Someone do us a favor and tell J. Cole, Wale, Diggy & Jojo, Wacka Flocka, Drake and any of your other favorite rappers to move to the side, because the hungriest dude in the game is here and he's leaving "No Slices"! If you know elleELLEeye, then you know Ayindé is one of the artists that we featured here and not for nothing! His mixtape "No Slices" is dropping in less than two days (Tuesday, March 30th) and we highly recommend that you get on board with what's about to go down. Check out his promo video below. Happy watching!

"No Slices" Promo Video from Ayindé on Vimeo.

Get a sneak peek of what you can expect:
Ayindé's Music

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    its on its wayyyyy...cant wait. Ayindé is killin the gameee.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    just listened to the sneek peek of No Slices- definitely feelin it..all the way!!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    intro - cool name, i like the artist concept
    no slices- dope wordplay, flow, mellow, nice samplin
    gone - cool

    shhh - favorite, old school hip hop , dope production, dope hook i like the(ooh ooh)

    i get it in - cool
    always and forever - nice singin , solid song

    ayingdigo - dope

    round - dope hook, love the beat, good story concept, jcolesque

    do it - alotta good bars, punchlines

    Praise love - dope , drake-like from so far gone mixtape

    love love - dope for the ladies

    thats real- dope

    options - favorite , love da hook and beat, and nice verses

    never be - crazy lyricism on second verse

    relax your mind - dope, chill track

    napkins please - nice quick track, like dat guitar
    cool outro
    breasteses - another favorite , cuz imma breast man myself, i think one of the adlibs was "titties" in the chorus u can hear in the left
    pan , made me lol.

    started - dope flows

    overall classic, good mixing ,everybody did a good job wit flows and lyrically, and nice beat selection. some tracks sound just like j
    cole, especially "round", sound like somethin from the warm up mixtape, which
    isnt a bad thing, jcole one of my favorite rappers. stay on ya grind.

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