Walk it Out!

Ladies, we all like to look sexy! You know, have that gorgeous outfit, good makeup, and great hair. But what about shoes?! This is my issue because I am a shoe FIEND but I have a deep, dark secret...

I cant walk in stilettos! What a tragedy. A fashion major who can't walk in heels, SMH! So, I'm on this quest to figure out how to WORK IT like Naomi and Tyra! I've been online all day looking at videos that people uploaded with tips and such trying to explain how to walk. So for all you diva's that need a little help like me, here's the tips that I found:

1. Stand up straight! Slouching only brings you closer to the ground and that's no good.

2. Heel - Toe...WRONG. Think of putting your weight on your arch. This way your balance is on your whole foot and not one part.

3. Stick out that booty! It'll balance out your posture and help your body to be lifted.

4. Scratch the bottom of your shoes. It'll make the shoes less slippery and help you walk harder and it'll make the walk look a lot better

5. Last but not least... Put some CONFIDENCE in it! Nothing looks better than a confident woman!

Work it, Ladies!

Stay Couture, Aliciia

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  1. @Ayinde5 said...:

    Yea. Some girls look stupid!

  1. I just don't think heels are made for everyone, as beautiful as they are. I suck walking in heels, but when I find a pair that fit perfectly, I'll wear them everyday!

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