TREND CHECK: Pastel Hair?!

Some call it innovative, others call is plain CRAZY. What am I talking about? Pastel hair! Yes... I said PASTEL HAIR! It's been spotted on the runways (Balenciaga's Fall/ Winter 2010 Collection for example) and now everyday folks and celebrities are embracing this Easter egg colored hair idea. Personally, I think it's kinda cool. It's not wearable by everyone but hey, if you can rock it I say be effFierce!! What do you think?(above picture from
(picture at right from

Stay Couture, Aliciia

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  1. I think its cool, but it wont really work for us brunettes unless we bleach our hair & go thru that whole process.

    I think its def for a specific group other than celeb - punk/punk glam. but if i was a blonde i would put some temporary color in.

  1. DANiE said...:

    If you really wana try the funky hair color and you dont want to damage your hair, try finding some hair extensions (tracks)in your desired color. Just be sure to find the right blends so you dont look like a circus freak ... unless thats what you wana look like :)

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