Without a shadow of a doubt one of the best songs on Alicia Keys' latest album, The Element of Freedom is "Unthinkable" featuring Drake. The vocals are so soothing and the intrumental arrangement in the chorus is on point. This is definitely one of my favorite songs hence it being on our eyePod. So check it out, and while you're at it, check out Nixon Nyce's version of "Unthinkable" off of his upcoming mixtape Useless Love Songs due to drop on Valentine's Day.

What do you think of Nixon Nyce's version of "Unthinkable"? COMMENT!

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  1. Reg said...:

    Alicia the great did it again. I need to cop this album

  1. Reg said...:

    Oh and that Nixon remix is aight

  1. Ja said...:

    Great choice.

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