Corns, bunions, fungus, althete's...all words associate with feet! So my question is, why do men have foot fetishes? I know there's a plus side to feet, like nice pedicures, designs, or the way women's feet look in heels, but really...why do men get aroused by feet?

So I did some digging and here's what I found on AskMen.com:

Dear AskMen.com,

"Question: I have an uncontrollable foot fetish. Women's feet excite me immensely. Am I abnormal? It seems that I can't get aroused when I'm with a woman unless I can lick, suck and sniff her feet. What do I do?
Foot freak in Philly

Answer: Dear Foot ,

There are many men like yourself who find women's feet extremely arousing. Since there are plenty of women who enjoy having their feet massaged, it's likely that you can satisfy your needs while making love, without seeming obsessed.

If you reveal that you have such a fetish too soon in a relationship, it may turn some women off. They may feel as though you care more for a certain part of their anatomy than for who they are, which could, in turn, drive them away.

I suggest that you pay attention to a woman's feet during lovemaking, without making your foot fetish so obvious that you can't establish a relationship with her on other levels.

If your fetish begins to prevent you from having normal relationships with women and this bothers you, then I suggest that you consult a professional therapist for further assistance.

Donald Zimmer

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yea i would be creeped out if i found out a guy had a footfetish early in our relationship

  1. Jas said...:

    I love when my man plays with my feet. But the man in this article did sound a bit creepy

    If he was more confident and just did it then maybe women would find him more agressive and sure of himself.

  1. DANiE said...:

    yea thats a bit much Mr. Foot Freaky... eww
    btw u found the perfect pics 2 go with this gross post.

  1. Thank you Reverend DANiE!

    Yea I only encounter one foot fetished fool in my life but it wasnt obvious or overbearing.

    It's only gross if you allow it to be.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I personally do not like anyone touching my feet unless theyre giving me a pedicure, but I dont see anything wrong with having a foot fetish. The guy in the post does sound a bit weird though

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