effFRESH or effFLOP?
Although some ladies won't admit it, one of the first things they look at on a guy is their feet. Usually that's a good way to judge a male, if his shoes are rundown we come to the assumption that either he's a hardworker or he's not working. If his shoes are fresh, he's either working hard, or...well you get the point!

These Trussardi 1911 camouflage kicks are nice! And for $486 that's exactly what they should be. A pair of good designer sneakers are equivalent to a designer handbag, don't you agree ladies?

So what do you think, effFRESH or effFLOP?

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  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    idk about the guys, but I want these lol

  1. DJ TEN said...:

    Looks to crazy for my liking

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