eyeAnswer: Shopping on a Budget

"...Is there anywhere to get all the fly things that are posted on elleelleeye and still have the money to make my monthly [student loan] payments etc?"

Are you working full time? If not, you should apply for a loan deferment until you can afford the monthly payments. If you do this, don't spend that money recklessly on clothing, here's some tips from a recent college grad who is experiencing the same problem...yours truly:

1. Try shopping at thrift stores.

(It may not seem cool to wear someone else's clothing for the sake of thinking you're wearing hand-me-downs, but it will save you money). Shopping at thrift stores is cheap, and you definitely get more bang for your buck. Sometimes it's more about what you can do to an outfit opposed to how much you spend on it.

2. Buy clothes that you can mix-and-match.

Don't buy a red pair of jeans that you can only wear once or have to be self-conscious at the fact that someone may have seen you in them too many times. Buy new things and mix them with the old.

3. Rejuvenate your old clothes.

Instead of throwing away your old wardrobe, spice it up. Get creative and start reconstructing. You'd be amazed at what a pair of scissors, a cheese grater and some bleach could do to some denim!

4. Steal/borrow =) your boyfriend/brother/male friend's clothes and take on the "boyfriend look".

Yes, boyfriend jeans or a blazer can work for you with a simple tank and cute boots or heels.

5. Have a swap party.

Why borrow you're best friends clothes when you can have a whole party of choices in front of you to trade off. This will be fun and it might broaden your horizons and get you into some styles you've never thought of wearing. - Courtesy of DANiE

6. Shop during sales!

There are always sales going on. If it's buy one get one, bring a friend and go half, sign up for the mailing lists to your favorite stores so that you receive coupons, or shop in the past season. When the spring clothes come out in stores, hit the winter racks and prepare for next winter. There's nothing wrong with a red slash on a ticket.

7. Learn how to sew. Pick up a new craft, be creative and innovative! Why not learn something new? You'll get exactly what you want and you'll pay for the materials and not the labor. Sewing is fun!

I hope these tips help!

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  1. Aliciia said...:

    I've been shopping at the Salvation Army for years now and I love it!! I've even found some Ralph Lauren pieces there that I love! You just have to have to really look!

  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    This is great. I think a lot of people will appreciiate this! And I agree with Aliciia :-D

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