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We accessorize our arms with bracelets, our neck with necklaces, our fingers with rings and our ears with earrings. We even look for that perfect belt to accessorize the clothes around our torsos, but what about our shoes? Yes shoes! Tired of wearing the your favorite black shoes whenever your outfit calls for a black shoe? Well have no fear, shoe accessories are here... enjoy this elleELLEeye photo gallery.

Totally cool huh? So there's one tiny tiny catch to this whole thing. These shoe accessories range in price from about $50 to almost $100 bucks! I think these pictures are a good stepping ground for some creativity.
Get some bracelets, chains, elastic, etc and mimic the styles you see here, or create some new styles. But if you must, click this bluffny.com link and indulge in this fashion forward must have.
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  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    and this is why i work overtime!
    these are the coolest things ever. wth dude why didnt i think of this...

  1. t i f f a n y said...:

    LOL you're funny girl! I love these too, I dont own too many shoes but with a basic pair of black pumps and a few accessories you can be set for life lol!

  1. DANiE said...:

    haha Amen and Amen.. and yea idk why I didnt think of it either but next time i shop for accessories, ill be lookin at the bracelets and necklaces to put on my shoes!

  1. love these shoes.
    check it out =)

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