A Waiting Ape

Saturday, January 23rd A Bathing Ape was set to release the second wave of the collaboration with former employee the lonely stoner Mr. Solo Dolo, KiD CuDi. The first collaboration was released September 3rd at Fashion's Night Out. I was lucky enough to be second in line to get my hands on a size small after finding out there were only 60 at that.

After a long and dragging 10 hours of waiting I met a lot of interesting and successful people; Plain Pat (Kanye's A&R and Cudi's manager) and Dr. Genious (the man behind the genius beat of Day and Night). During the long hours many friends gathered, from all over. How awesome is that?

People gathered from the five boroughs of NYC - Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens etc. The aggravation came and went from desperate kids from Bapetalk, and Bapetalk2 saying "Where's Cudi" "I want my shirt already". Kids arrived at Bape during early hours of the morning but as the sun set and the night came the line grew and grew more where it reached the size of two flown blocks complete pandemonium.

So Kid Cudi was set to arrive at 7, for the release of the shirt but God knows drinking was involved right Cudder? He got there around 7:30-8:00pm with a bottle of corona at hand.

So as he entered Bape everyone felt a level of relief. He greeted everyone on the line and literally jumped in the crowd. The level of humbleness this dude has is beyond me. Once he got settled inside the store they started letting in the kids 2 by 2, me of course being second got to go in first. I had a brief dialogue with him "Hey wassup bro" "Nothing much" "Hey Scott you're a success, I look up to you man" "I mean a year ago you worked here, you were me a nobody that's a somebody now. Your face is on a shirt, f!#$ the music that alone is an accomplishment."

He took a step back, analyzed what I had said, he looked at me with that look of relief and siad "I made it" and gave me dap and said "You're a true fan, don't re-sell this shirt" as he signed it. My friend didn't have money to buy his shirt but he asked Cudi if he could sign his Yeezys and Cudi said "Dude I'll sign your forehead if you want."

With all the waiting the night ended super. I got my posters and my shirt signed but fast-forward to last weekend Saturday after a long day of work and running on two and a half hours of sleep... I get a call from my friend saying "Dude there's people lining up already for the Baby Milo Party Tee". So I didn't hesitate I called my cousin "I need a favor...dude drive me to Soho ASAP!" It was 12:13 in the morning I recall. He said "I'll be there in 15." So i quickly got dressed grabbed my red wing boots and was out the door.

As I arrived I saw familiar faces from other campouts in which I attended. I gave dap to all my fellow bape heads, cracked jokes all night, spoke about the latest garments, future collabos, school, music, and whatever came to mind. As the night got colder we kept walking back and forth from the Halal chicken spot on Prince Street trying to anything to keep warm, but we failed. I lost track of time the night came and went and more people arrived later on, more familiar faces, more jokes, more jibberish, music, food, clothes can this night get any better ? So the sun came out and everyone smiled as the first rays touched us with a tiny bit of warmth "our toes where frozen but my red wings kept me nice and toasty like toaster struddles ;].

Everyone kept clocking their watches anxiously waiting for 12 O'clock to arrive. I detached myself from the line a few times headed to starbucks around 10 in the morning for coffee and to use the bathroom like everyone else; once i felt human again and did my business i headed back to the line for 2 more hours, til we got our shirts oh and my friend June shout out to him for taking these amazing pictures. So 12'oclock came and went i got my shirt me and rob are the only two individuals with a size small in new york. So you might question if I'm sane or not? So I leave you with this to validate the extent of what you do - whatever that is whether it makes you happy or not.

Until next time follow my quest like Johnny . . .

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    Cool journey... good story

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    My boyfriend would have loved this. totally his style.

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