Scott. Jeremy Scott.

Turn down the sophistication of Paris fashion, put the extraordinary creativity of NYC on blast, add texture, colors galore and a guy named


and you have the wildest Adidas you've come to see in your entire life! Following on his previous work with the label, his collection is similarly exaggerated in silhouette, motifs (who else would literally put wings on your feet a la JS Wings?) but goes the extra mile and takes a plunge into the deep end of the color pool. Here's a taste of what you can expect in the Spring/Summer 2010 collaborative collection with Adidas, Originals by Originals.

As previously introduced, the multicolored JS Wings we previewed is an expected turn up for the upcoming collection, and the other kicks from the season follow in the crazy suit.

The new model, Metro Attitude Hi, returns in a striking yellow and silver weaved upper combo, complete with the dramatic oversize tongue; also, another note worthy pair in the line up is a chrome reflective silver low-top which resembles a cross between the iconic Creepers and golf shoes as the kicks feature a triple layered fringe on its upper with multiple tassels– though, the shoes speak for themselves and doesn’t take much attention to spot or note with its futuristic mad hatter appearance (eyeSite).

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