Dream Chasin'

I'm in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day spirit, so let us talk about dreams. Dictionary.com defines DREAM as an aspiration, but I define a dream as something that a person deeply desires to accomplish and without that thing being accomplished - something is missing. With that being said I give you my personal tips to achieving your dreams...

1. TRY DIFFERENT THINGS: Many times, people like a lot more things than they realize. The more things you try, the more likely you will find something that you'll LOVE. And who doesn't want to do something that they love?

2. LIST ALL OF YOUR DREAMS: Make a list of everything you want to do from the most important to the least important. This way, you have your priorities in order!

3. RESEARCH!: Get online or open a book and find out the basics to reaching a specific goal. For example, find out about the schooling, certifications, programs, etc. that are necessary for doing what you want to do. Also, find out about different people who have had similar goals and learn the steps that they have taken to get to the top of their game.

4. SET REALISTIC TIME GOALS: Time goals help because they will help stop procrastination. Also, you will be A LOT more organized. Set goals for small tasks as well as large tasks for the best results.

5. NETWORK: Networking is a great tool in dream chasing; it allows you to talk to people who can explain to you how to reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

6. DO NOT GIVE UP: Things can't always come easily. There will be times when you want to give up but just put on your TUNNEL VISION and GO FOR IT!! If things don't work out exactly how you want them to, at least you gave it your all!

Stay Couture, Aliciia

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    cool blog like the background. check out my blog


  1. DANiE said...:

    Awesome tips.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I agree these are some great tips and I love your layout its cool!

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