Happy Monday! What better way is there to start off your week than to see some of the latest celebrity gossip/news? None! So indulge in what we here at elleELLEeye like to call "JuNK FOOD"!

Ooo Gaga!

Lady Gaga covers one of UK's biggest magazine's, Q and she's spiked out! How does she look?

Yo Fabba Fabba

Rapper Fabolous celebrates his son's birthday party that was themED after the hit children's show "Yo Gabba Gabba". Fab dressed up as DJ Lance Rock. It's so nice to see what fathers will do for their children!

Vanessa Simmons' New Do

Rev Run's oldest daughter changed up her hair, giving us this new look. Some are saying that it's a shorter do, but I can't really tell since it is styled and curled. How do you like it?

Lil' Wayne's Dental Downgrade

If you didn't already know, Weezy is set to go to prison. His date was pushed back due to his dental plans where he had to remove his decked out $150,000 diamond grills, and replace them with these veneers. Both the top and bottom are veneers, the top is just covered.

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    wow 150 stacks? damn weezy.

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