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With Valentine's Day right around the corner it can be easy for anyone to get a box of chocolates and a dozen of red roses and call it a day. I bet none of us have actually sat down and thought about what those red roses mean, but Valentine's Day doesn't have to equal red roses. It would be nice if your significant other stepped outside of the box and learned what their your favorite flower was, and if none, find one that represents you in the best way. Here's a guide to the color meaning of flowers; hope this helps...

Red - On Valentine's Day, you can't go wrong with red. Everything is red on Valentine's Day. But before you send red roses to your mother, consider that red flowers symbolize romantic love. Not just that -- red roses are about passion, desire, and even eroticism.

Dark Red - A deeper red flower symbolizes a deeper kind of love. These are the flowers you send to your wife of 20 years. Dark red flowers convey a message of strong true love. They also symbolize beauty and perfection -- and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to tell someone they are beautiful and perfect.

Black - Who would send black flowers on Valentine's Day? This color typically signifies a loss or a goodbye, so gift guides often tell you to save black flowers for breakups -- but who sends flowers to someone they're dumping?! Black flowers don't have to mean good riddance -- they also symbolize elegance, power, and mystery. Does your darling have a dark side? Maybe he or she would appreciate a unique bouquet of black flowers on what they might otherwise feel is an over-the-top, sickeningly sweet holiday. With black flowers, you're telling the recipient that you appreciate their unique personality.

White - The first association with anything white -- dresses, flowers, diamonds, snow -- is purity. In flowers, white also symbolizes family, so they're a good color to send a family member or close friend. Combine them with red and you've got a bouquet symbolizing a loving bond. This Valentine's Day, is marriage on your mind?

Yellow - Yellow is the color of friendship, so these are not the flowers to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend. A yellow flower symbolizes joy and happiness, so you might send these to a good friend as a "thinking of you" gift, or you could send them as congratulations -- chances are, you know someone who got engaged this Valentine's Day. When you combine yellow roses with red roses, you're celebrating the beginning of a new relationship. This could be how you start to say "I'm falling in love with you."

Pink - Girls, don't send pink flowers to your boyfriend -- this is just emasculating. But pink is a great color to send a lady! Pink flowers signify femininity, sweetness, and charm. A pink flower says "You're a doll!" Put pink and white roses together and the bouquet will scream "wedding!" even though neither color on its own is traditionally a romantic flower.

Green - You know what they say about green M&M's, don't you? It fits, then, that green flowers are the color of fertility. Whether you want to start trying to expand your family, or you've been waiting to share big news with someone, green flowers are a good icebreaker.

Peach - Soft oranges and pinks are warm colors, so peach flowers say to someone "I'm so comfortable with you." They signify appreciation, and sometimes gratitude. It's a way of telling someone their kindness does not go unnoticed.

Orange - This strong color symbolizes fascination, and maybe a hint of mischief. Orange roses are the perfect gift from a secret admirer, but be prepared to reveal yourself soon. Having a secret admirer is fun for a while, but then it drives a person crazy! Maybe your orange flowers could be the start of a new relationship...

Lavender - Purple is the color of nobility, so when you send your lover purple flowers, you are showing them that you put them on a pedestal. This unique color is also a symbol of trust -- always an important component of any loving relationship.

Blue - Blue flowers are all about peace. We all want passion in a relationship, but calm is important, too. Blue skies, blue ocean, blue flowers -- they all mean tranquility. Blue flowers can tell someone you trust them, you love them, and you want to be like this forever. Not necessarily a color associated with romance, but a romantic message indeed.

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    thanks for the heads up. i gotta CANCEL that order of red flowers n send her some white ones.. maybe u will get some yellow ones.. but ur not my friend. ur my AUNTY!

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    Good looking out.

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    need to find some green roses! LMAO

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