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Today I was doing what I always do; and that is stalking things of fashion. I began to think about what my personal style will be like this spring. That's when it hit me...SUNGLASSES! Sunglasses are the perfect compliment to spring's demure colors and simple shapes. Here are some of the shades that I thought ya'll would enjoy. Find all these styles on Zappos.com.

DESIGNER: Mosley Tribes
Pair these with some khaki pants, white and brown and you can't go wrong!

Designer: Jessica Simpson
Child-like and fun, but still stylish!

Designer: Ed Hardy
These are for the rocker in you!

Designer: Chloe
I love these for when you wanna wear something unique, yet be stylish and fashionable.

Designer: Chloe
A pair of my faves...Simple yet still eye catching. A great addition to a bright piece.

Designer: Spy Optic
I have never seen a pair of pink sunglasses so worthy of the catwalk.

Designer: Sabre
LOVE THESE! Throw on a white V-Neck, some distressed tan washed blue jeans and a pair of nude pumps and you're ready to go!

Designer: Ray-Ban
For that little pop of color...

Designers: Mosley Tribes
Now THESE are what I call statement sunglasses!

Take, read, and enjoy!!

Stay Couture, Aliciia

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  1. love the mosley tribes

  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    Me too! The Ray Bans are so cute! I love aviators they make me feel like "I run LA" lmao

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