Today's Toast To Repost is a post on forgiveness. One must forgive themselves in order to forgive others.


"There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love. - Bryant H. McGill

The Three Essentials of Forgiveness

1. Forgive Yourself First:

In order to succeed in your path to forgiveness you must first forgive yourself. How can you expect to forgive someone else when you can’t even forgive your own faults and shortcomings? So often we forget this essential first step.

Sometimes we have issues within ourselves that keep us guarded and stubborn from realizing the truth. We expose others to cover our own insecurities. Once you learn to forgive yourself, forgiving others will become easier.

2. Accept Your Past:

Depending on how much hurt you have suffered in a particular relationship, this can and most likely will, take some time. But with the right attitude, anything is possible.

Look you can’t change what has happened to you, you and I both know that, but what you can change is how you look at your past events. I’m not suggesting that you have to recall hurtful periods of time and smile about them, but rather simply acknowledge that they have occurred and move on.
Soon you will realize that if your relationship is to ever exist in a peaceful state, you first have to accept our past.

3. Choose The Path Of Happiness:

If you choose to forgot the path of forgiveness you are essentially choosing a path of misery. Forgiving can be challenging, but forgiveness is essential in living life to your fullest potential. One of the greatest reasons we are miserable is because we subconsciously believe that suffering is necessary. We amplify the hurt long after the initial act has taken place.

What we fail to realize though, is that suffering is not normal, we choose to suffer. The sad thing is we are naturally made to be happy, but our social conditioning tends to make us believe other wise. We don’t need the latest product to make us happy, the only thing we need to live a happy life is a happy mind, a mind that can love and forgive.

Who is it that you need to forgive? What are you waiting for?

Spread Love. Live Life. Be Inspired.

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