Just yesterday, the Grammy Awards aired and everyone is already buzzing about this year's female celebrity gown choices. As usual, we had the good, the bad, and the just plain boring... But lets focus on the most stylish red carpet moments of this year's Grammy Awards. Who DOESN'T enjoy some good fashion eye candy, anyway?!

New mom, Jennifer Hudson in a dress from Victoria Beckham's S/S 2010 collection...She's also rockin' a Spring 2010 trend with a Lucite bracelet (picture from

A BIG red carpet fashion trend this year - nude dresses! Katy Perry in Zac Posen, Beyonce in Stephane Rolland and Keri Hilson in Dolce & Gabbana (picture from

Taylor Swift was glowing in Kaufman Franco (picture from

Mary J. Blige looks gorgeous which is so NOT a shocker! She wore a gown by Gucci (picture from

My personal favorite of the night... Miley Cyrus in her dress by Herve Leger. &EYE must say her hair compliments the dress perfectly (picture from

The dress that Rihanna wore, by Elie Saab, is kind of causing a fashion controversy since it's on best AND worst dressed lists... However, I think it's gorgeous! (picture from

Jennifer Nettles looked ultra stylish in her Victoria Beckham gown (picture from

What do you think?!? Comment!!

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  1. DANiE said...:

    I agree: Miley Cyrus' outfit was cutee, I want that dress for a hott date :)
    Also Jenn Hudson looked amazing!!!
    and Taylor's stylist deserves a bonus check.. I loved it...

    -Fergi's Royal blue Emilio Pucci Dress was super super cute as well

    Any worse dressed for ya? Here's mine
    1. Ciara[] and Britney [] must have gotten the same memo... Personally not my fav

    2. Snookie .. sorry, but were not still on the shore... eeh ( and howd she get to the red carpet (maybe im hatin a little?)

    Umm... can anyone believe Miss Ashanti's dress cost a whoppin $300,000... thats college tution for 4, a car, a house, a dog, a years worth of groceries, a dress and a tix to the 2011 Grammy's! was it worth it? You decide []
    [...And its nude...]

    Just like the other 3 Aliciia pointed out(the nude trend)... here's one more nude dress to add to the collection from that night worn by Heidi Klum []


  1. Great post. My faves were J. Hud and Miley

  1. Dee-Vo said...:

    OMG i am loving Vicki Beckham's pieces. Lucite accessories are so in! I wouldve like beyonce's dress if it was short, but out of the nude chicks she rocked hers the best. Miley looked cute and kind of her age which is refreshing. and i almost like Taylor Swifts dress, domething about it just turned me off a little. Mary always looks nice but idk about that color on her and i hated rihannas dress lol. from the back it was ok though

  1. Jessy said...:

    I love Rihanna's dress I don't really like miley cyrus dress for some reason.It's not my style. I also loved taylor swift's dress! I think Taylor swift's dress was my fav. =)

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